1. Managing Director
    View of pool house from south west
  2. Managing Director
    Entrance, garage area to left
  3. Managing Director
    View from farmhouse kitchen balcony
  4. Managing Director
    Inside pool house
  5. Managing Director
    Plan masse
  6. Managing Director
    Birds eye view showing link to farmhouse




130m² |  Morillon  
This client's brief was a swimming pool complex with changing rooms, shower and toilet facilities plus outdoor kitchen and BBQ area, and garaging. The clients wanted a certain level of privacy but did not want to lose the mountain views.

We created a collection of buildings that complemented each other and tied in with the traditional farmhouse buildings in the surrounding area. We wanted to create a courtyard feel for the complex and planned the use of traditional materials to tie the buildings in with the farmhouse opposite. Maximising the location and movement of the sun at different times of the year was an important factor in our design. We created three design options for the client to choose from and all included huge sliding glass doors to open the indoor swimming pool up during the summer months.

Our designs also had to take into account the technical requirements for a swimming pool plus the space needed for the plant rooms so worked closely with a local bureau d'études techniques to factor all these elements into our work.