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    After view
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    Before view
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    Sections of the design for converting garage into meditation studio




45m² | Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval
This project was the conversion of an existing garage and carport into a meditation studio with storage areas and shower room. The client wanted to convert this uninhabited building into a luxurious, comfortable and warm meditation studio for meditation and yoga retreats for their clients. Working in an area of historic interest we liaised closely with the Architectes de Batiment de France (equivelnt to working with a listed building in the UK), we negotiated a balance between the client's desire for lots of large glass areas with the ABF reluctance to do that. Our solution was traditional clavois (wood strips with open space behind, now glass) and removable shutters. This worked well for the client also as the building is not in use all the time. Also not permitted by the ABF were changes to the existing building and footprint so creative use of existing space was required.